New Year new scent? A beginner’s guide to wearing scent

As the seasons of parties and celebrations begin, we all want to resent the very best versions of ourselves that we can. For me, increasingly, that includes choosing the right scent to compliment an outfit and leave a lasting positive impression on our friends, families and everyone we meet.

Selecting a fragrance that will become your signature scent can be daunting at first, but help is at hand. Just as many of us need help putting a winning outfit together, or working out which tones, fabrics and styles suit us best, so the art of choosing a fragrance can be made easier with a little well-placed advice.

Two noses are better than one

There is a great deal to be said for seeking a second opinion when you go shopping for a fragrance for the first time. Take someone whose judgement you trust to help you decide, and take full advantage of any expert help you can get too, e.g. from a well-informed sales assistant or perfumier. It is essential to ‘try before you buy’, rather than simply going for a nice bottle or a famous name. If you can, get hold of a small sample and try it out, asking friends and family at home or work what they think too, before investing in a larger bottle.

Start small

Once you have chosen your new fragrance, don‘t be tempted to spray it on too lavishly, or too often. Too much, and you risk an overpowering effect, where your fragrance announces your presence well before you step into the room. This can annoy colleagues, put off potential romantic partners and even affect people physically if they have a medical condition that affects their respiratory system, such as asthma. Never layer more than one type of fragrance unless you are completely confident that the results will work and the scents complement each other.

Spray time

A good rule of thumb is to use one or two sprays, directed at pulse points, or towards your chest when your body is warmer and more able to radiate the scent outwards. Never spray directly onto clothing or fabrics that can stain, and avoid spraying too closely onto your skin, as this can cause discomfort and the scent may ‘pool’ and not diffuse into the air as effectively. Always replace the lid of your fragrance bottle and keep it in a cool, dark environment to prolong its life.

Location, location, location

By all means, wear your new fragrance to work, but just bear in mind that, as above, less is most definitely more when it comes to the office. Avoid wearing it at places where you tend to be more physically active, such as the gym, swimming pool or beach, as some fragrances can react badly to sweat and produce less than pleasant results. When it comes to the Christmas party or New Year’s gathering, by all means, spray on the scent – it’s time to celebrate after all!

Be honest

If you are interested in wearing fragrance, then go for it and don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the option that truly says who you are – or aspire to be. Never use scent to mask any unpleasant smells such as body odour, smoking, alcohol or strong-smelling foods – this pretty much never works and can leave you appearing shifty and dishonest. Rather, your chosen fragrance should enhance your personality and complement your natural, masculine scent.

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