Spring fragrance trends

Fashion-savvy men tend to change their fragrance to match the season, in the same way as they pay attention to their wardrobe when the weather heralds the arrival of a new time of year. It’s a great way to feel reinvigorated and to let people around you know what you’re about – so long as the scent isn’t too overpowering!

The world of male fragrance has evolved tremendously over the past few years and there is more choice out there than ever before to help you find the perfect scent to reflect your personality, aspirations and, importantly, the time of year. Spring is a time for renewal, for lighter, warmer weather conditions and hope for halcyon summer days ahead.

Here’s what to remember when choosing your springtime scent this month.

Step into the light

It goes without saying that the lighter, warmer weather will have a strong effect on perfume choices for springtime when we find ourselves shrugging off cosy blankets and roaring fires in favour of sunny walks and al fresco picnics. Choose stimulating scents that will reawaken the mind and inspire the senses, such as pink peppers, bergamots, grapefruit and marine tones.

Back to nature

Another great fragrance fit for spring is the collection of woody and herbal fragrances, including sandalwood, cedar, verbena and sage, evoking thoughts of dappled woodland walks to put you in tune with nature. Soring florals will have the same effect too, so look out for jasmine, rose, iris and bluebells for a delightful spring lift.

Feeling fresh

A spicy aroma is appealing all year round, but keep it subtle during spring to avoid overpowering people you pass on the street. Cinnamon goes beautifully with a more citrusy smell, such as lemon or grapefruit and adds a deeper, fresher tone to any fragrance. Other spicy options that suit a spring fragrance include tobacco leaf, rosemary, amber and patchouli.

Masculine moods

Even with the lighter weather, you can still get away with rich, masculine notes, especially if they match a more intense personality. Don’t rule out scents such as leather, ginger, vanilla or oud for a springtime scent. Just go easy on the amount you use and perhaps keep it for a night out, rather than the weekly team meeting.

On a practical note

Finally, once you have chosen your dream scent for spring 2019, make sure you look after it so that it lasts for the whole season. Take care where you store it – keeping it in an environment that’s too warm or humid can damage the fragrance, breaking down the top notes and leaving it smelling musty. So, avoid storing your new scent in the bathroom. Find a dark, slightly cooler place to keep it at optimum condition and to retain the scent for longer. Don’t forget also that you can opt for more than one fragrance this spring – mix it up with a lighter, floral or citrusy choice for the daytime with a richer, more sensual alternative for a night on the town.

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