What Your Chosen Scent Says About You

Just as your choice of outfit, car, house and job say a lot about who you are, so too can your scent let people know what you are all about. Scents can be extremely powerful and effective in creating a sense of personality, as well as allowing strong connections to form in the mind. So, it is crucial that you find the right one to suit your personality and to set the right tone for your relationships going forward.

Choosing a fragrance to wear for special occasions, or even just on a daily basis can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. You need to find a scent that you like enough to wear out in public, but also something that will appeal to others and evoke the right reaction in them. Many, if not all fragrances that have been designed for men fall into a set category. This makes it easier to choose, as you have already got a shortlist set up for you that you can pick from, based on the type of scents that dominate the perfume. Here are five categories to explore.


The sharp, fresh smell of citrus evokes feelings of happiness, determination and optimism. They inspire energy and rejuvenation. Citrus can suit active people, as well as business go-getters who just want to get the job done. This type of scent can also help you stay awake and alert, keeping your memory sharp and your cognitive skills high.


Scents that have been specially designed for the avid sportsman are rising in popularity as their fresh, bold notes become intrinsically linked with physical endeavour and success. ‘Sporty’ scents tend to be developed using spicy, uplifting aromas intended to invigorate and inspire. Common favourites include citruses, gingers, ambers and musk. Go for gold!


Don’t assume that flowers are just for the female market. Men can give a great impression too with a floral tone or two. Choose carefully, however, to make sure your chosen scent isn’t too heavy or overpowering. Lighter florals work well for men, including rose and lavender. A man who feels confident enough to wear a floral scent will exude self-esteem and attract people to his confidence and assured nature. Equally, floral scents can suit a creative type very well and can evoke a sense of open-minded sophistication.


Oriental or Middle Eastern scents have a distinctly spicy feel to them and are more than a little exotic and aromatic. Men who wear spicy scents can evoke a mysterious, adventurous vibe while the warmth of vanilla, musk or resin can make him seem open and ready for some fun. Those who are drawn to these delicious aromas will come across as fun-loving and ready to take on a new challenge. Other options for aromatic scents include woody tones and smoky notes that bring to mind pictures of a self-assured, grounded man who is both sorted and strong.


Of course, the most successful way to ensure that your perfume tells the world who you are is to create your own fragrance combination. For those who take a particular interest in their grooming, this can be a wonderful way to express themselves and have some fun working out a signature scent. Make sure you work with a fragrance expert to create a winning combination, as some scents can work against each other, causing a less than desirable result. For initial ideas, don’t be afraid to ask anyone who you think smells particularly good for details of what scent they are wearing. If you can get it right, wearing your own bespoke fragrance can be a highly memorable experience for you and those around you – for all the right reasons!

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