Why we love to smell fragrance on a man

Why we love to smell fragrance on a man

Most of us rely on our sense of smell to suss out someone new. In fact, both women and men can be very affected by scents, which often evoke strong emotions and memories within us. So, when a man chooses to wear a fragrance it can have a very positive effect on those around him. Women tend to have a better sense of smell than men, due to the increased number of cells in their olfactory bulb, or area of the brain dedicated to our sense of smell. So, if you are trying to up your appeal to the men and women around you, choosing a scent that complements your personality could be a fast-track way to win a few hearts.

We all emit pheromones, odourless chemical compounds that are designed to evoke sexual attraction on a physical level. These, coupled with an attractive male fragrance can be a very compelling combination. Billions of pounds have been spent on advertising campaigns that alert us to the power of smell and how wearing the right scent can make us more popular with the opposite (or same) sex. So, how can a man take advantage of this phenomenon and make himself more appealing to a potential partner?

The Power Of The Past

Men who wear fragrances containing notes that remind us of past times when we felt happy and secure often seem more trustworthy. Citrusy smells take us back to Mediterranean holidays, for example, when we felt at our most relaxed. Floral scents can remind us of times spent in beautiful gardens. Men opting for smoky, spicy fragrances will attract potential partners who enjoy the outdoorsy lifestyle, and who have spent many a happy hour by a campfire or sleeping under the stars in an exotic location.

Good Grooming

While we all appreciate a man who works hard to provide for himself and his family, we don’t like smelling the evidence of his hard-earned sweat up close, especially when it grows pungent and stale. So, a man who takes care to not only keep himself clean but also pays attention to how he smells by choosing good quality, well-rounded male fragrance will usually be far more successful when it comes to attracting a potential mate. Never overdo it on the scent, however, and never, ever use it to cover up a sweat or any other unpleasant odours – wash away the sweat and shower frequently to stay fresh and clean.

Relaxed And Refreshed

Many men (and women) report feeling much calmer and relaxed when they use fragrance, as they smell the scent all around them. This relaxed demeanour is then reflected in our behaviour, as we tackle life’s daily tasks with more confidence and serenity. Two attractive qualities for anyone to respond to. Richer aromas, such as spicy ouds, bergamots or ginger can evoke a sense of calm, as can lighter florals and musk.

Ambition And Desire

The connection between our sense of smell and our feelings goes deeper than just evoking memory. We all daydream about how we want our lives to turn out, and

finding someone who seems to be able to help us achieve our ambitions is an alluring concept. What they smell like is a big part of how they present themselves to the world and if the smell is appealing and powerful enough to evoke the right kind of feelings and desires, it can be enough to turn heads. That’s why so many perfumes are named after highly successful people; a subconscious link is made between the scent and the lifestyle of the person it is named after.

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